Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The diverse cast and storyline of "Ranchero" is something that is extremely important to me. Growing up in a middle class area of Sacramento, I was exposed to people of all nationalities. I know as a fact, that though people possess cultural differences, we all have the same basic goals and desires. Everyone wants fullfillment from their job, health, prosperity and loving relationships with family and friends. "Ranchero" is a human story depicted by characters of different races.

That being said, the character's ethnicities are not without significance. The lead character Jesse states that "his parent's were poor imigrants, nothing is expected of me." How does one rise above their expectations, or lack there of? A first generation Mexican-American, Jesse battles with what he feels is his forced station in life; being a ranch hand. Knowing there's a bigger world out there, he resents his father, the epitomy of a low class laborer. It's Jesse's personal and cultural journey to discover pride in who is and where he came from.

In California, the African-American and Hispanic dynamic is particularly intense. Areas that were once predominately black are now largely Mexican. This shift has created friction over jobs, services, and culture. The black and white conflicts of the past have been replaced by issues of black and brown. The relationship between Jesse and Lil' Bit carries the weight of these issues without hopefully preaching about them.

This topic can be discussed at tremendous length. I merely wanted to say that though the story and theme are universal, the character's backgrounds and ethnicities add flavor and spice.


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