Sunday, March 15, 2009

East Coast Premier

Well, we're on our way to Providence, Rhode Island! "Ranchero" will be screening Friday, April 3rd at the Cable Car Cinema as part of the SENE Film, Arts, & Music Festival. Roger and I will be flying into New York on Tuesday, March 31st and then heading into Providence on the 3rd. Dave Silva is actually flying out to join us for the screening. I love the support. My biggest concern is finding a coat that can handle the East Coast in April. Us wimpy Calfornians like to stay warm.

Unfortunately, we will be screening again on standard definition DVD. I've let this bother me a lot in the past, but have come to realize... people don't really care. The reality is, once the film is distributed, most people will view it in standard def anyway. So I'm going to stop whining and just enjoy the fact that more people are getting an opportunity to see the film. The organizers of the festival seem to be very friendly and responsive. I'm looking forward to a fun, stress free trip.

Speaking of distribution, there have been some very exciting things taking place recently. I'm unable to give details at this point, but will definitely do so in future blogs. In a nutshell, I anticipate a distribution deal being signed in the next couple weeks and "Ranchero" finally entering the commercial world. Needlees to say, this is awesome!

I apologize for being so inconsistent with my postings. Between the regular j-o-b and juggling three film projects, time has been scarce. Rich and I do have some traction with our horror/thriller "Pursued." Keep up with that project at I'll discuss the other projects at

That's all I've got for now. Wish us luck in Providence.